Car of the Year 2002: A clear winner286 points

10/22/2001 - Car of The year
Backed by 30 out of 55 Jury members who gave it their first or second choice, the 2002 award goes for a clear winner, well ahead of the rest of Nominees (see voting grid).

In the new generation of tall, roomy hatchbacks with a familiar focus, Peugeot 307 has been recognised as the one with best balance. Appealing looks similar to 206 combine with build quality and cosy interior. Cabin not so different from a compact MPV offers functionality, space and a versatility that would be about perfect with sliding rear seats. Active safety equipment is even better with the ESP stability control fitted to high specification versions. Compared with former Peugeots, suspensions are more oriented to ride comfort and benign behaviour. Big windshield for good visibility ahead, low noise level and powerful brakes enhance ease of driving. New 2.0 HDI engine with 110 hp and particulate filter makes 307 the cleanest Diesel car in the segment