Three new Sponsors

08/07/2020 - Car of The year
Under its new logo, Car of the Year is proud to announce three new Sponsors from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland: Auto Trends, Firmenauto and Automobil Revue/Revue Automobile.

From the 2021 election period onwards, The Car of the Year will be supported by nine sponsors of the Organizing Committee (OC). Three new members are joining:

Auto Trends is one of the biggest car news platforms in Belgium, run by long term Jury member Stéphane Lemeret who will additionally join the Organizing Committee (OC) and the Jury Committee (JC).

Firmenauto is the title of a magazine founded in 1995 by Euro Trans Media (ETM), a Joint Venture between Motorpresse Stuttgart and Dekra. It stands for around 40 percent of the German market that is influenced hugely by the company car market. Editor-in-Chief and new Car of the Year member of the Jury Committee (JC) is Hanno Boblenz; the new representative of the OC is Oliver Trost.

Automobil Revue/Revue Automobile from Switzerland stands for one of the most traditional editorial institutions in Europe. The paper was founded in 1906 and is therefore the oldest automotive related publication in Europe. The famous annual edition of the Catalogue of the AR/RA is one of the standard publications worldwide. In the OC, AR/RA is represented by Roy Schläfli and Theo Uhlir, the new member of the JC is long term Car of the Year Jury member Peter Ruch.

The Car of the Year, founded in 1964, is the oldest and most renown car award in the World. The Jury consists of up to 65 of Europe’s most professional automotive journalists from 23 countries.

Other Car of the Year sponsors: Auto, Conti Editore/Italy, represented by Ottavio Ottaviani (OC) and Andrea Brambilla (JC); Autocar, Haymarket/UK by Rachael Prasher and Charlene Harry (OC) and Matt Prior (JC); Autopista, Motorpress Iberica, by Alicia Fernandes (OC) and Juan Carlos Payo (JC); Autovisie, Telegraaf Media Group/NL by Jaco Bijlsma (JC), OC: tbd; L’Automobile Magazine, Upsidedown Media/France: Nicolas Le Gall (OC) and Stéphane Meunier (JC); Vi Bilägare, OK Forlaget, Sweden: Marjo Kohler (OC) and Tommy Wahlström (JC). The Executive Committee of the Jury are Velimatti Honkanen (Secretary General), Alberto Sabbatini (Vice President) and Frank Janssen.