Jaguar I-Pace: Bold bet and reward250 points

04/03/2019 - Car of The year
Winner with 250 points only after counting its top marks, Jaguar I-Pace has achieved a surprising feat in a contest usually characterized by down-to-earth criteria as value for money. But jurors greatly appreciated another top preference reason in CotY: innovation. The enjoyable Alpine A110, with the same amount of points, has also flown well over its affordability and seating limitation. And the Kia Ceed, with 247 points, was very close to win too.

Jaguar has simultaneously satisfied a demand for refined SUVs and the next need of more zero-emission cars, especially if they are as appealing and practical for day-to-day use as this one. Supporters of the I-Pace in the Jury acknowledge the cons of an insufficient charging network right now, and the considerable price of their preferred candidate. Also how much real electric range depends on driving style. But the other aspects of this dynamic 400-PS vehicle offering tons of torque and good on/off-road capabilities, suggest pure enthusiasm. Some excerpts:

“I’ll remember I-Pace as the first BEV which showed us what an electric car can really do.”

“A very refined car that will make a relaxed cruiser and a formidable high performance drive-“

“I-Pace handles good in corners on the track as well as in difficult terrain, thanks to the effective all wheel drive system.”

“The low centre of gravity point and the powerful electric engines make the I-Pace better to drive than most of traditional cars.”

“It shows that Jaguar is at its best not when trying to follow the German premium brands.”

“Most innovative vehicle among the CotY finalists”

“The very first premium full-electric SUV to arrive in the market is an advanced example of style and technology.”

“Electric mobility has gained a sense of fun.”