Car of the Year 2008: A winning legend385 points

19/11/2007 - Car of The year
Nostalgia and charm have been key factors in the good marks the Car of the Year 2008 Jury has given to the retro-looking 500, a car of classless appeal in the Fiat tradition. In the showdown between two small cars, the Fiat has had a clear win with 385 points against the Mazda2, that finished with just 60 points less. The 500 has received top points from 33 of the 58 Jury members plus 15 second places. The Ford Mondeo was third, with 202 points, with the other finalists well behind.

Beyond its reality as a practical urban car, it was clear from its inception that the retro-chic 500 has enormous public appeal. Everybody, especially in Italy, has loved it well before it would go on sale. This cute car copies the aesthetics of the legendary 500 of half a century ago, but it is a modern vehicle in functionality and safety features, reasonably roomy for its size and shape, and with efficient engines that provide performance and economy.