Mauri Salo has passed away

13/08/2021 - Car of The year

Mauri Salo, a former COTY Jury Member, Secretary General and an Honorary Member passed away on Thursday August 12th at the age of 84 after a long illness.

Mauri (or “Muri”, as he was widely known in Finland) started his journalistic career in the late 50s and he worked practically all his career in Tekniikan Maailma magazine. He was the Editor-in-Chief from 1990 until his retirement in 1999.

Mauri was the first Finnish member in the Car of the Year Jury, which he entered already in 1966. He was in the Jury until 2000 when he was succeeded by Martti Merilinna. This means that Mauri was voting for the Car of the Year 34 times. Mauri served as the Secretary General of the Jury from 1995 until his retirement.

He was also an important person in organizing the Tannistest with other Nordic Jury members. Mauri would have turned 85 on September 22nd, on the eve of this year’s Tannistest.

Mauri was a true and charismatic gentleman with exceptional social skills - not so typical for a Finn. He was a very respectful person with a great sense of humor. He was highly respected both among his colleagues and the readers. He gathered a wide network of international contacts that were instrumental in developing not only Tekniikan Maailma but the entire field of automotive journalism in Finland. A remarkable achievement is also a row of 50 Geneva Motor Shows.

Mauri and his wife Ursula moved to Marbella, Spain after their retirement but they returned to Finland a few years ago as the first signs of Mauri’s illness emerged.

Mauri will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him, and his reputation has also echoed to the younger generation of automotive journalists.

His wife Ursula, son Jocke and grandson Jomi were present when Mauri took his last breath on Thursday morning. Ursula sends her love to the Jury in her message: “Even if I had many years to prepare myself for this, you are never ready. I decided to be strong but now I am a widow with shaking legs. I still remember well many Jury members and I was very fortunate to accompany Muri in several memorable COTY events. Those were the days!”

Velimatti Honkanen

COTY Secretary General

Finnish Jury Member