Mortefontaine 2020

20/02/2020 - Car of The year
Just two weeks before the announcement of Car of the Year 2020 in Geneva International Motor Show, the Jury members gathered for a special event to assess the seven finalists aspiring to the award, and then they will cast their final vote.

The proving grounds of UTAC CERAM in Mortefontaine, near Paris, are the venue for this annual meeting which also includes the General Assembly of the Jury. Jurors have again driven and analyzed the finalist models and the teams of specialist backing each of the seven manufacturers have pointed the technical and commercial highlights of their products.

In the ‘routier’ track of Mortefontaine and the nearby open roads, Car of the Year jurors have been driving an array of different versions of the nominees: the agile BMW 1-series, now with front wheel drive; the compact but roomy SUV Ford Puma; the small Peugeot 208 now doubled as a full-electric car which will take a sizeable share of sales; the sporty Porsche Taycan with an outstanding performance served exclusively by bateries; the renovated Renault Clio and its efficient hybrid e-tech version; the Model 3 of Tesla which has placed the manufacturer of electric cars in a more affordable and popular segment; and also the always practical and frugal Toyota Corolla with its proven hybrid system.

In its General Assembly, the Jury thanked their good services to members which will vote for the last time before stepping down for age reasons: Tony Verhelle, from Belgium; Efstratios Chatzipanagiotou, from Greece; Rune Korsvoll from Norway; and Mikhail Podorozhansky, from Russia.

The 60 Jury members from 23 European will decide next the single winner. Each juror will apportion 25 points among at least five nominees, and will also provide a written explanation of his/her voting, a judgement which will be shown in the voting grid of this site. The winner will be announced in Geneva’s Palexpo in the afternoon of Monday 2 March 2020.