Søren W. Rasmussen (Denmark)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

I believe Alfa Romeo has some fantastic years to come. The new era of the Italian brand has started very well with the new design and new technology introduced by the Giulia. But at the end, the step forward is much bigger for Alfa Romeo than for the automotive world in general.


Citroën C3

This little ‘charmeur’ deserves clearly to be part of the shortlist. The new C3 features many typical Citroën-ideas, and especially the comfort is really good. I do also like the possibility of having the Airbumps etc. on such a small car. The missing Autonomous Emergency Brake is critical, and a reason why I have placed C3 below the other cars from the shortlist.


Mercedes Clase E

The overall impressions of the new E-Class are great. The feeling of quality of the interior, engines, gearboxes and other mechanical issues are on a very high level. Mercedes offer almost all safety features for the E-Class, but it would be nice to see a higher implementation of the advanced features on the list of the standard-equipment.


Nissan Micra

The Micra-brand has now been relaunched and the result is dramatically different. The combination of colors, equipment and design makes the car attractive, and the use of the fine Renault engines works very well in the Micra. It is also really good to see that Nissan now has introduced advanced safety features in the Micra.


Peugeot 3008

This car combines in a fine way the characteristics of a SUV/Crossover with a high level of safety, enjoyable driving characteristics and good economy. The engine options are well balanced between fuel consumption and drivability. No electrification option brings 3008 some points below the maximum.


Toyota C-HR

This car looks really different, and I like the design very much. The technology features the hybrid-engine, and it works very smooth in the C-HR. The car drives fantastic, and the interior is well designed. It is a little difficult to look for pedestrians and bicycles, and this is a point Toyota could improve. Very good for me to see the high level of safety!


Volvo S90/V90

This car looks great and it is fabulous to drive. The new platform has now proven that it can manage to hold both a large SUV and a limousine and still keep the good driving pleasures. On top Volvo still manages to bring safety to a new level. The new electrified drivetrains of the T8 meets the new demands for the automotive industry in a really convincing way.