Xavier Pérez (Spain)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Giulia represents a new era for Alfa Romeo. It is a new berlina with a very attractive image. Very good on the road, especially in fast areas. The interior is modern and very technological, but it can improve and its soundproofing can also be better.


Citroën C3

The C4-Cactus was second in the edition of 2015 and now the C3 aims to win the crown. And I think he can do it. It is a fun car, with very good exterior design (absolutely yes, with airbumps is much more attractive) as interior. I liked the performance, efficiency and elasticity of its three-cylinder engine.


Mercedes Clase E

No. It`s not another Mercedes. The new E-Class is a saloon (sedan and family version) that offers a qualitative leap in driving and performance. AMG mechanics are stratospheric and the most conventional are very efficient. The interior is a 10 in design and visual offer. Good trunk and high security equipment.


Nissan Micra

With this car the Japanese brand enters a new dimension. It is an attractive model on the outside, with lines that have nothing to do with the previous one. New platform and a great technological improvement. Dynamically I like it, and its range of engines allows to consider it to be a good bet.


Peugeot 3008

The exterior design you like or do not like, but it does not leave you indifferent , To understand its dimension you have must begin to consider it from the inside. The i-cockpit is a winning solution for Peugeot and in the 3008 premiere its latest version. It is a very complete SUV, with an ideal range of engines and an excellent automatic gearbox.


Toyota C-HR

The brand gives a twist in its commitment to hybridization with this compact SUV, offering sporty design and dynamism beyond any doubt. Unfortunately it does not come to Spain with some other engine (like the 1.2 of gasoline). In spite of it is one of the best bets to the prize that is reminded to the mark after the first Prius.


Volvo S90/V90

This is a spectacular performance saloon. Modern design, refined interior and 100% technological. It offers a very good dynamism thanks to good suspensions and a range of engines quite complete