Piero Bianco (Italy)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

This year, all the seven finalist cars are very innovative and strategy-oriented. My preference, though, goes to the Giulia: a technological symbol of the big re-launch of the Alfa Romeo brand, this car introduces a modern and pleasant style, with exciting performances that enhance the, already high, driving pleasure (either with rear-wheel drive or 4x4 traction). The Giulia is a car that really builds upon the Italian way of making sportscar, and can boast a complete range of engines and equipment. Also interesting is the new SUV Stelvio, born from the same platform and definitely worth a look.


Citroën C3

It’s an intelligent evolution of a successful model, with an appreciable design and many customization options catered to an interesting range of engines. Many solutions are taken directly from the Cactus with its bright and minimalist interiors, but several plastic components are not very touch friendly.


Mercedes Clase E

The E-Class is a strategic milestone for the Mercedes brand, and is therefore a car that has to uphold a well-established tradition as well as redesign itself for the future. It is also very expensive, designed for an elite clientele.


Nissan Micra

To revolutionize a compact car with a history as important as the Micra was not an easy task. Nissan tackled it well, though, by focusing both on style and on technologies appealing to young customers. The real challenge is now to capture a market that lines up very aggressive competitors ready for battle.


Peugeot 3008

This comfortable and spacious SUV is a good herald of the new course of the Peugeot brand, as also marked by the characteristic i-cockpit. Not an easy job to differentiate oneself in a market full of interesting Sport Utility, but the Peugeot 3008 manages.


Toyota C-HR

A winning cocktail of design and hi-tech, the new Toyota is able to play well on the trends and offers an appreciated Hybrid technology. Poor rear visibility and limited space for rear passengers are the price to pay for its coupé-like body.


Volvo S90/V90

The S90/V90 would deserve a better score, if it wasn’t for its being a reinterpretation in sedan and station wagon body of the modern scandinavian design and excellent technologies (also of connectivity) already admired on the XC90 SUV.