Peter Ruch (Switzerland)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

An Alfa Romeo is of course always more emotional than other cars. But with Giulia the Italians did a great job. Cool, clean design, modern interior, state-of-the-art infotainment, enough space - and very reasonable value for money. And then there is the Quadrifoglio, probably the most exciting car of the year, 510 PS, lots of fun to drive - just amazing. We need more cars like the Giulia to warm our coure sportivo.


Citroën C3

Finally a small car that brings some happiness in our lifes. Enough space for its size, cool interior, funny colors, modern infotainment with nice features. And: great seats. But there is not that much fun to drive.


Mercedes Clase E

A Mercedes must be outstanding, in every respect. The E-Class is not fulfilling those expectations.


Nissan Micra

Another pretty nice small car, fun to drive. But then - what else?


Peugeot 3008

Despite the lack of a 4x4, the Peugeot 3008 is a very nice alternative in the SUV-segment. The design is different - and just good. Also the i-Cockpit is different from everything other cars can offer - very well done. Besides that the Peugeot drives like a «normal» car - and offers very good quality.


Toyota C-HR

Difficult to understand this car, not a SUV, not a Crossover, not a Coupé - yes, the design is very special. And the Hybrid is since too many years just the same. And the Toyota is also quite expensive.


Volvo S90/V90

Probably the most beautiful car since many years, outside and inside. Interesting technical concept with just 4-cylindres-engines and also Plug-in-Hybrid, highest levels of safety. There is just one reason against the Volvos: the cars are very expensive.