Mikhail I. Podorozhansky (Russia)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Bella macchina! While driving it on the race track, you easily forgive Giulia the lack of hybrid versons, touch screen, AppleCarPlay or Mirror-link interfaces. Great chassis, great new 510 hp V6, great example of an «old school» approach! What doesn`t allow me to award Giulia highest score is that one buys family car also to ride, time to time, on a normal roads, enjoying not only by keeping it under the throttle-control in every corner.


Citroën C3

I`d prefer to admire this baby-Cactus rather than drive it: progress in chassis settings is strongly disguised. Both steering and gear selection need more precision and feedback, vibrations from gasoline engine are so high that you can accidentally fill the tank with diesel fuel instead of petrol. Well, C3 offers massage, pleasant odors and advanced multimedia, but I can accept it only like a secondary priorities.


Mercedes Clase E

My heart votes for Giulia. But after a couple of hot laps in Alfa you jump in Mercedes (it does not matter, 200d or AMG) and discover that Mercedes can give you almost the same fun. The difference is that Mercedes can keep the pulse of your voting heart at healthy 60 beats per minute. Not talking of Merc`s encyclopedic list of specs and options.


Nissan Micra

The new Micra seems to be the best driver`s car in its segment, at least with the Renault 1.5 diesel. I am pleased that the fun to drive and good quality of sound system where chosen as priorities, not talking of dynamic exterior and interior. But it is a pity that the car was presented without an automatic transmission (CVT comes later), and it will not be sold in Russia.


Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 is the most controversial finalist. On the one hand, bright design, brave but comfortable new ergonomics and, as greetings from Peugeots of 80`s, the fun to drive. On the other hand, it becomes nervous if not dangerous on a slippery roads. Considering it as the crossover, I`d prefer 4WD (at least optional), the ground clearance of more than 158 mm (measured by Autoreview), more intense heating system and more than two liters of washer fluid on board.


Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR looks and behaves like a convincing proof to the promise of «No more boring Toyotas». Bold design, excellent TNGA chassis, the exact reactions, the choice of front, full and hybrid wheel drive. What I am afraid of is that majority of current Toyota customers would prefer bigger trunk, and newcomers will be dissapointed by low-res picture at the screen. I fear that in the near future C-HR may repeat the fate of the RAV 4: for the two decades it has transformed from the brilliant three-door Fun Cruser into just another Toyota crossover.


Volvo S90/V90

Volvo impresses with its interiour design, modern multimedia, including some autonomous drive functions, and upsets by secondary waves of the body which can cause "seasickness" of rear passengers — far from exemplary tuned suspension of the Mercedes. By the way Volvo`s semi-autopilot works less reliably than one of Mercedes (and, incidentally, both of them strongly lose to Tesla).