Massimo Nascimbene (Italy)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

If you consider only its driving features, the Giulia should be the number one, and by far: the steering precision, the braking efficiency, the balance of its dynamic behaviour make the drive as emotional as it rarely happens. But looking at the car as a whole, you also find limits in roominess and interior refinement; at the same time infotainment needs to be updated.


Citroën C3

In and out, a fresh reinterpretation of the idea of citycar, but the mechanical base is extremely conservative and even the driving assistance equipment is not complete. Nonetheless, the interior is appreciable for the overall execution of the front area (seats, dashboard, door panels), but, again, rear roominess is limited.


Mercedes Clase E

Just what you expect from a new Mercedes: a wide range (hybrid included) and another step beyond about the driving assistance systems.


Nissan Micra

If the last generation missed completely the target, the new Micra has what it takes to be back within the bestsellers of the superminis, starting from its fashion interior and the hi-tech equipment. Nonetheless it has still to improve in more than one detail: the rear roominess is poor, and also the driving experience shows light and shadows.


Peugeot 3008

A quantum jump for the French crossover, starting from its shining interior: highly refined, hi-tech and friendly at the same time. On the road, the great confort and the remarkable driving precision make pleasant any kind of trip, no matter what the engine in the bonnet.


Toyota C-HR

The C-HR marks a radical turning point for Toyota, thanks to the interior execution (less basic than usual, finally) and the driving dynamics, well supported by the new modular architecture. What a shame that such an improvement is overshadowed by its look: bizarre and, moreover, cause of some side effect for the functionality and the visibility.


Volvo S90/V90

No doubt about the great quality of the Volvo S90, but all its contents were already in the superb XC90, the true mother of the new Swedish family, my personal winner in last year contest.