Giorgio Ursicino (Italy)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

In my opinion, this is the Car of the Year 2017. It is not just a new car; it is an ambitious, revolutionary project that took shape from a blank page. It is the first important step to relaunch a highly prestigious brand. Quality architecture, innovative engines, significant driving pleasure and high-level performance. The Quadrifoglio version is the benchmark for the entire category.


Citroën C3

A solid vehicle with an extensive tradition and significant sales results backing it. This is the first important model of the new Citroen range that lays its bets on originality and functionality. Quite innovative and interesting is the video camera behind the rearview mirror, which allows the driver to record videos and to take pictures without any distractions.


Mercedes Clase E

The new generation of a model that has made history and that always satisfies the traditionally extremely high expectations of its customers. It has cutting-edge assistance equipment that pushes it down the path toward self-driving. It offers high levels of safety, both active and passive. The powertrains offered are completed with the powerful AMG models.


Nissan Micra

The Micra is back, that chic, ambitious, glamorous car that was so successful on our continent during the Nineties, even winning the Car of the Year award. Made in Europe, it aims to be at the top of its category with high-end finishing and good quality materials. Full-optional, including safety equipment.


Peugeot 3008

he flagship SUV model by PSA, a vein that the French group has set its sights on to consolidate its comeback. It has pleasant lines, a strong personality, efficient powertrains and a good automatic transmission. Fully digital instrumentation available as standard equipment on almost the entire range is a first for this market tier.


Toyota C-HR

This model backs-up the famous RAV4 in a car class undergoing significant growth, especially in Europe. Intriguing design, bold and sporty; small-size gasoline engines to limit fuel consumption and pollution emissions. The hybrid version is excellent thanks to the experience the Japanese company has gained in this field.


Volvo S90/V90

Another high caliber car in the new range of the company from Gothenburg following the success of the XC90 SUV. The top-range sedan and station wagon share numerous well-proven components with the SUV, like the refined platform and full, high-tech powertrain family. The cab is quite elegant.