Miklos Gajdan (Hungary)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The New Giulia is an authentic Alfa Romeo at last, instead of clumsy Fiat clones! A brand new car based on a brand new rear wheel drive platform! Looks stunning, it is fun to drive with its quick and rewarding steering and agile handling. On the other hand it is a pretty practical everyday car due to its spacious and comfortable interior and big boot.


Citroën C3

With the new C3, Citroen created a head turning small car with a unique and inviting interior. The passenger compartment is not only stylish, but also roomy and furnished with comfortable seats. The boot is one of the biggest in class, and the C3 is equipped with all modern driver assistant systems required today. Frugal engines help keep running costs low. A great little car for the city!


Mercedes Clase E

The E-class has always been and still is one of the best cars in the world: its roomy passenger compartment is finished in very good quality and is full of state-of-the-art technology including a huge digital display and countless driver assistant systems. Due to its comfortable ride and quiet cabin the overall comfort is exceptional. The new engines are refined, clean and economical. Of course perfection has its price…


Nissan Micra

The New Micra is the surprise of the year, Nissan set its model policy upside down with it. The femininely rounded, cheap little car has turned into a “sporty hatch”. And indeed: the new Micra is really good to drive and its body control is one of the best in class, too. On the other hand it looks nice and well-made inside, with lots of technology and practical storage space, including a huge glove box and a 300 liter boot. Nice job Nissan!


Peugeot 3008

Similarly to the Micra, the new 3008 has also shed its skin, turning from one category to another. The previous generation was a weird looking MPV, but now the 3008 is an attractive SUV with stylish, inviting and quality-made passenger compartment representing a high level of technology (digital instrument cluster, lots of driver assistance systems). Buyers can choose from several economical engines including a hybrid, arriving later.


Toyota C-HR

There are at least two aspects which make it tough to believe the C-HR is produced by Toyota. One is the eye-catching looks outside and inside, the other is its behavior on the road. It is one of the very few Toyotas that are good to drive because of it’s rewarding steering and great composition of ride and handling. On the other hand the C-HR keeps all the usual Toyota qualities of high equipment level, efficient drivelines and good craftsmanship.


Volvo S90/V90

Volvo limousines, and of course station wagons, have never been as close in as many aspects to its German rivals as now with the S90/V90 duo. The stylish pair of cars offers roomy and quiet interior finished in first class quality, up-to-date tech levels and of course lots of safety equipment. The engines are powerful and efficient (especially the diesels) but some potential buyers may miss the six-cylinder option.