Efstratios Chatzipanagiotou (Greece)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Because it`s the Alfa you have been expecting for long. For those who “were born” in a Giulia Super, matured in Alfetta and adored the “156”. With balanced dimensions, remarkable engine range and rear wheel drive, while at the same time it stands with its... German quality. This is a real Alfa, and you may express your feelings for it without taking risk, since it will not betray you, neither now nor in the future.


Citroën C3

Following the path that Citroen has “launched” with the Cactus, the C3 is another confirmation of the different approaches of Peugeot and Citroen in terms of design and character. Compared to its predecessor, the new C3 is much more modern in every aspect, with or without the air bumps, which mark its identity. Despite the fact that it is not something special regarding the driving abilities, it is well made, and at the same time its engine range is the efficient one for the model.


Mercedes Clase E

Although for me this one is the best among the finalists, I chose to leave it off my personal classification, since any given points will be “lost”. But, after all, this is an exceptional case. Even as a driver or as a passenger, you will be pleased by its technology and, above all, by its riding quality; an element that over time made it the leader of the segment.


Nissan Micra

It grew up, got an expressive design as well as an uplifting interior, and, in combination with its competitive price, it may compete head-to-head against the segment leaders. And, as far as my country is concerned, this is the most important segment to those who are interested in a car capable of exceeding the city limits.


Peugeot 3008

A good-looking car in terms of both exterior and interior design, which also entertains its driver, regardless the engine version. The best car of the specific segment, with outstanding driving and riding quality, which can also stand on an equal footing to the German premium rivalry. This is a typical premium model, made by a manufacturer with an athletic DNA.


Toyota C-HR

A Toyota with modern interior and exterior design. Its suspension and steering wheel setup are another pleasant surprise, while the annoying noise level, which is the result of the hybrid system in combination with the eCVT gearbox, cannot diminish the possitive feeling.


Volvo S90/V90

When you consider how to distribute your 25 points, not giving any points to such a car does not particularly mean “zero”. The S90 is not just a limo version of the XC90; it is a quite important automotive representative in terms of technology, which will also fullfil the demands of all of those devoted to the Swedish - and of course not only of those.