Georg Kacher (Germany)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The emotional choice, the purest driver´s car of this lot, in QV guise a truly wild thing. It looks good, too. But the diesel engines are rough and hectic, the cabin is sombre, and the Alfa is wanting in terms of infotainment and driver assistance.


Citroën C3

A smaller, decontented Cactus, cute and competent. But, like the Micra, a basic transportation appliance rather than a soul stirrer. Although inexpensive to buy and to run, the C3 could do with better build quality and a more inviting cabin.


Mercedes Clase E

Positioned midfield between competence and greatness, the high-tech Prof.Dr.Dipl.Ing. Benz is an efficient if cold achiever. It doesn`t´t ride well enough, though, the smaller engines are unrefined, and the new 5series is the better car.


Nissan Micra

A huge step forward for Nissan, a small step forward for mankind. At long last, the Micra has evolved from a frumpy loser to a nicely balanced all-rounder. But it still isn´t a particularly involving drive, and the stressed powertrains lack lustre.


Peugeot 3008

The looks may not be to everybody´s taste, but in terms of overall ability, the new 3008 is hard to fault. It is spacious, rides surprisingly well, comes with a choice of zesty engines, is a fine handler. And the interior is fresh and nicely executed.


Toyota C-HR

Another frivolous design, this time let down by poor second-row accommodation and matching three-quarter rear visibility. But not unlike the 3008, the C-HR rides ok, handles ok and is a compellingly effortless drive. Cudos to the hybrid option!


Volvo S90/V90

My secret favourite fell apart on French C roads, lacked the classy surface finish of the E-class, was handicapped by uncouth four-cylinder engines. Well balanced on the track and loaded with clever details, the Volvo is the winner of the heart.