Frank Janssen (Germany)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

A fantastic comeback. The Giulia is not only reinventing rear wheel drive to the heart of the brand, it is also a strong competitor to the segment – giving a real alternative to the established premium cars. Most of all, putting the driver at the center, it is a car for car lovers, for individuals. Best, of course, is the Ferrari with four doors, the Quadrifoglio Verde. What a great car!


Citroën C3

With the C4 Cactus Citroën was finally back to its roots and in former times that was a state called avantgarde. The new C3 gives us a chance to get used to it. People want more individuality from their cars and that is what the C3 offers them – for a very interesting price. It is comfortable, drives nicely and safe and that is the most important characteristic for a car targeting young customers.


Mercedes Clase E

Sorry to Mercedes-Benz, but the Giulia stole my heart. Otherwise your mature upperclass spaceship would have been my favourite. It is so perfect, so refined and balanced that the world stays outside. The feelings you get are comfort, security and safety. Yes, it is expensive, but, take the 220d engine, you get so much technological lead and almost unmatched quality.


Nissan Micra

First experience: it is noisy, not refined. It drives okay, but for a Car of the Year, you need more than that. If I look at Micra`s history I want to know why it changed so often. There is no continuity. Nissan will sell it by the price, not because customers say: „I want nothing else than a Micra“. No, they won`t do. Because it is a Renault Clio with a Facelift.


Peugeot 3008

To me, its predecessor was the ugliest car of its time. The new one improved incredibly, not only by its distinctive design. Also, I like a lot of details like the small steering wheel, the virtual cockpit and the futuristic center console. It might be symbolic for the future of cars. And the 3008 drives well. If you want to buy a compact SUV, you should consider this one seriously.


Toyota C-HR

The C-HR is a proof that Toyota is changing, giving design more importance. And the result is a very interesting looking car in a booming segment. More than that, the C-HR is another example of Toyota`s expertise in hybrids and in bringing them to more segments. Let`s face it: Hybrid is the only short term alternative to the Diesel if we want CO2 emissions to go down.


Volvo S90/V90

I like this car a lot. First of all the design. Then the finish. Then the high level of safety. Then interior and ergonomics. Then the roominess. Then the versatility. On the other hand, I begin to doubt that the 4-cylinder/2-litre-strategy for all powertrains (they are already known from XC90) was right. It is good for a cycle result, not in reality. The reactions on the throttle are poor. They do not drive harmonically under all circumstances.