Horst Bauer (Austria)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The comeback-story of the year. The new Giulia puts Alfa Romeo back on the shopping list of customers looking for a truly drivers-car – not for a mobile, semi-autonomous device on four wheels. And this is true not only for the stunning – but widely unapproachable – Quadrifoglio, but also for the rest of the pack. The best steering on the market, a choice of newly developed state-of the art engines and superb handling makes the Giulia my personal Car of the Year.


Citroën C3

Being kind of a less radical Citroën Cactus, the C3 falls short of innovation - which makes it a proud member of the shortlist. But not more.


Mercedes Clase E

A big Limousine showing, that value for money does not necessarily mean lowering the price but raising the technological content. And the new E-Class does it in a perfect way, offering a comfortable ride without compromising on the fun of driving, regardless of having a four-cylinder-diesel or a AMG-beast under the hood.


Nissan Micra

Finally, a Micra that has been developed and designed not trying to be everybody’s darling all over the world. It fits to European streets and driving habits and stars with a very simple, yet clever innovation adding to a safer ride through corners. Room for improvement left on interior design.


Peugeot 3008

It proves, that a compact-SUV can look good with an innovative and classy design of the body and the best interior of all competitors, which not only looks good but also offers easy, intuitive handling and a lot of cabin-space given its exterior dimensions. Add a safe and stable ride, a wide range of engines (with a plug-in-version to come) and You get a strong runner-up on my Car-of-the-Year-Podium.


Toyota C-HR

After years of more or less boring Toyota-exteriors the new C-HR looks slightly overdone, and it’s well seared Hybrid-Technology is far from being innovative. But it offers a good ride and sportier handling than one may expect, given its technological brother, the Prius.


Volvo S90/V90

Good Car, but too close to the XC90, which already got all the merits it deserved last year.