Gerhard Nöhrer (Austria)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Reds from Milano have put a lot of strain on the patience of their community, but the Giulia finally rewards the endurance of the committed Alfisti. The relaunch of the classic Giulia has brought back Alfa into the limelight. Visually, the sedan is again a heartbreaker and quality has made a gigantic leap forward. A top suspension guarantees excellent handling.


Citroën C3

Should the C3 really bring back the Spirit of the 2CV as a lifestyle cult car, then it has remained an ambitious attempt. The Citroen is witty and cheeky and really different, but it could end up as a fad. You can exaggerate the comfort, though. The very soft seats don`t offer you any support.


Mercedes Clase E

No doubt. Mercedes Shows again what`s what in Technology. And the E-Class as the most intelligent business sedan fully comes up to the Slogan ,,The best or nothing." Modern in design and style, the sedan and the T-Model are packed with safety technology. The comfort of long-distance driving is outstanding, the engines are top, especially the new 2 litre 4 cylinder diesel. And with the drivepilot the E-Class impressively Shows the direction of autonomic driving.


Nissan Micra

Once boring, the grey mouse has turned into a characater actor, which has also grown considerably and also drives refreshingly. But the technology underneath has stayed the same - without any suprises.


Peugeot 3008

The 3008 is the final proof that Peugeot has again reached ist top form with their refreshingly new interpretation of an SUV. With clear-cut lines and a distinctive front the compact car imitates a trendy SUV even without a fourwheel-drive. The i-Cockpit is a real highlight, the small steering wheel is part of the great driving pleasure. Excellent engines, dynamic suspension - the 3008 is a big shot.


Toyota C-HR

Who dares to say Toyota`s design is boring. Fact is: the C-HR is the most exciting Toyota of modern times, ist eges and surfaces are pur dynamic. Also the interior and the rest of the compact SUV are convincing and absolutely okay. We like both versions, the conventional Petrol car as well as the hybrid version with ist smooth CVT-transmission, which doesn`t torture our ears anymore. Surprisingly dynamic and lots of good features.


Volvo S90/V90

The look of Sweden`s top model is really great, this also refers to the estate Version. But this is not enough to Claim a leading role in the Champion League. Frontwheel drive and four cylinders don`t really fit into this picture. The System for operating the infotainment is not very handy and not adequate at all for this premium Level.