Alain-Gabriel Verdevoye (France)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Bellissima! Original, sensual, breathtaking, full of personality, with warm interior, it is one of the most beautiful cars today in the market. Light, very fun to drive, precise, sure enough, it is a genuine Italian Sports sedan for the enthusiasts. We congratulate designers and engineers. Unfortunately, reliability of this 100% new car is yet unproven. Nor the future of a famous brand, often roughed in the past.


Citroën C3

Funny, friendly, simple, with a welcoming interior, comfortable, it is an original car with flashy colors and pleasant details. A lot of progress has been made in the finish, compared with the former C3. But the noisy three cylinders petrol engines and gearboxes are too rough in the city.


Mercedes Clase E

The German carmaker upgrades its bread and butter E Class. With timeless and traditional styling, an excellent quality, the new Mercedes is recognizable among all others, more rigorous and comfortable than ever. A very elegant, homogeneous, safe and luxurious flagship with quite low consumption. And it is not boring to drive at all! But we hate too complicated ergonomics. Safety functions are very exasperating. And the autonomous driving program does not work! Selling prices and expensive options are a bit exaggerated too.


Nissan Micra

Better finished than most of competitors, the new Japanese urban car - built-up near Paris - is very civilized, with soft small engines. But suspensions are not that efficient. And the rear visibility is restricted. Nevertheless, the last Micra is a good surprise. It does not show any major defect…. Despite the extravagant body lines.


Peugeot 3008

Road holding is excellent with precise steering. Its driving handling is best in class. The Peugeot SUV is very dynamic, specially on twisty roads. We are less enthusiastic about the too ostentatious and complicated body lines. We do not appreciate big black plastic mass inside, named "i cockpit". Three cylinder engines lack of refinement with manual gearboxes. Therefore, we suggest to use the very good automatic transmission.


Toyota C-HR

If you are not worried by the monstrous car body, the Toyota has one of the most efficient chassis. But this sporty chassis is inconsistent with slow moving hybrid system. On roads and highways, unbearable accelerations are a big default for those who like to drive.


Volvo S90/V90

It is a King Size sedan and Station Wagon, well-thought, comfortable, cosy. A fantastic example of Scandinavian design, luminous and friendly. Despite the dimensions, its driving pleasure proves to be outstanding, with sophisticated engines. But, it is too big for European roads and streets. Ergonomics is pretty puzzling. Impossible to switch all the beeps-beeps off. We do not like being bossed around by a car. An increased safety is no excuse for exasperating the driver.