Timo Friedmann (Germany)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The new Alfa Giulia is really special while attending to be a normal limousine. First the things I didn´t like: The car shows some lack in quality, sound and power of the diesel engines. But the concept of the car as a radical driver car, with an extraordinary steering, that is amazing. The Giulia enriches the panel of mid-size-limousines with a sportier note. Beside from that, the authentic design and the good value-for-money get Giulia into third place on my list


Citroën C3

The new Citroen C3 is a really good small city car. But the factor of improvement doesn´t really click. That´s why I gave the C3 only zero points. The most impressive upgrade belongs to the design of the body and the great opportunities to style the car inside. But the unclear steering, the unclear gearbox, that is too much typical citroen. And to less innovative. The good thing for the customer: the car is still very affordable. The bad thing. Head room on the rear seats is rare.


Mercedes Clase E

The new Mercedes E-Class is exactly the car the mercedes-customer expects from mercedes. With all the new technical standards, with a very economical diesel engine, with a great design and high level security systems. The new E-Class matches exactly the needs of there customers. So, there is nothing wrong with the car beside the fact, that there is nothing extraordinary. To me, the new E-Class is a very good car, but exactly the car I expect mercedes to built. There was no special moment, no special step forward, no class-leading moment. Is it to hard to expect something from mercedes? No, that is exactly, what the brand should stand for. So, meeting my expectations is only a bunch of points worth


Nissan Micra

The new Nissan Micra stands for a brand new design language. Very technically for a small city car, again a total new design for this little box. The car has some interesting design features, not to mention the speaker system in the head rest. But the car itself doesn´t show something special. It drives quiet good, shows a good suspension and too less space in the back. But while driving the car, there is no moment when you ask yourself, why to choose this car instead of another.


Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008 is the first serious attempt of Peugeot to join the class of mid-size-SUV with an own car. And the attempt promises to be very successful. Everything about this car makes fun. The little steering wheel, the accurate steering itself, the suspension, which is not typical peugeot-like to soft, but dynamic and a bit german-like. The space inside the car is perfect for the class, the design elements inside, not to mention the easy to change digital dashboard, the sound system, the automatic gear box, the powerful diesel engine and at least the very much improved quality of the car is just better than all the old Peugeot-SUVs. Congrats to a great french car


Toyota C-HR

The new Toyota C-HR is a very edgy car. It´s great because it combines the highly recommended hybrid-system to a fancy, unusual city car. An enormous step for Toyota. In addition, the body frame with the lower balance point makes the car fun to drive with the hybrid roll mode. It´s a new kind of quick and efficient driving. But: the interior space is really rare for a family, especially on the rear seats. The design inside is so edgy, that you need high commitment. And the battery technology still stands with the old technic.
On the test track, the driving showed some shortfalls in quick actions, which you didn´t notice during daily driving.


Volvo S90/V90

The new Volvo S90/ V90 gets my highest rating. The car is some kind of re-incarnation of what volvo stood for when we were children. Great, solid, functional cars with an outstanding design. With the idea of only using four cylinder engines, the car offers inside more space than nearly all cars on the market. the quality, the dashboard solution with the iPad-idea, the perfect seats and very safe and comfortable driving, that all makes the Volvo to my favorite car of the year. the fuel consumption fits, but even better is the pre-security-systems, which catches the drivers attention much earlier than in an E-Class.
Especially the V90 is perfectly done, not to mention the chrome cramp at the rear windows. Better finished like in the Mercedes. The new Volvo V90 is a car that brings back the old strength of Volvo.