Matthew Prior (United Kingdom)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

There remain more complete cars in this class, but there`s nothing else in its segment which is so full of life, and which wants you to enjoy your time with it. In a premium market segment that majors on dynamism, that matters.


Citroën C3

I expected the funky looks; I expected the novel, pleasing interior. What I didn`t expect was how competent it is to drive. A fine car.


Mercedes Clase E

All that you`d hope a Mercedes E-Class would be: refined, comfortable, and available with class-leading levels of new technology and equipment.


Nissan Micra

Everything a supermini should be. Capable of challenging for the class lead; though at a price.


Peugeot 3008

Probably deserves better than the points I haven`t given it, because it`s a good car, and it`s excellent to see Peugeot back on form. It`s just up against cars that help redefine their segments this year.


Toyota C-HR

The most interesting family Toyota in decades. Great to look at, interesting to sit in, but still quite forgettable to drive.


Volvo S90/V90

Is out-done by the E-Class in most respects, but is a cleverly designed, interesting car that`s enjoyable to drive and adds something new to the class.