Jan-Erik Berggren (Sweden)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Maybe this is the last real car. The steering and handling is so good that I get tears in my eyes driving it. Please send other manufacturer to Italy to study chassi, suspension and steering before even talk about those things in their cars in the future. But the safety and connectivity is not in place yet to be number one.


Citroën C3

Design is not only about looks. It´s also about the complete package. It´s fun to se how Citroën is tru to their new path and the idea to build good but also simple cars for the ordinary people. I like driving the C3 not because of the handling, the engine or the gearbox but because the clever and pure design. But why not a higer safety standard?


Mercedes Clase E

Clearly one of the best cars in the field with a lot of stand outs. I like the interior with the dashboard and the touchpads. I think others will follow. The comfort in the front seats are great. E-class also got really good safety features with one of the best autopilots on the market. But with all the features that I want it costs a lot of money.


Nissan Micra

What a step forward. Nissan made their homework this time and created a really good small car. Nice handling, stylish design and a good environment for the driver. Nissan Micra reached the final seven in front of several opponents and only that is a victory. For me the Micra lacks some innovative features that the others in the final have.


Peugeot 3008

With 308 we saw better design, better handling and better funcionality. 3008 is even more of that and this time with the innovative i-cockpit. But the driver must also get along with the small steering wheel and a really special positioning. There is almost no room for the feet in the back seat. The Peugeot design departement got some work to do.


Toyota C-HR

Never again a boring Toyota. Just take a look at the new C-HR and we believe in the new Toyota strategi. C-HR is about more than the looks. The power trains is really good and the positioning of the driver is one of the best in the class. But design is also about funcionality and the back seat is not good for either children or adults.


Volvo S90/V90

The Car of The Year 2017 must have high safety standards, connectivity, good handling and good comfort. The Volvo S/V90 ticks all those boxes and some of them even as a world leader. It´s a big and expensive car but it´s great value for money for the responsible car owner.