Holger Appel (Germany)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

After a long disappointing journey Alfa shows new effort. The Giulia is produced in an innovative way with modern materials. Driving makes a lot of fun, seating position is great. What i dont like is the diesel sound, it is rough and loud. The car looks good.


Citroën C3

A breath of fresh air in the city car segment. Citroen is on a good way back to its roots. The car looks funny. The 100 PS Diesel is expensive, but it is a great engine with power and low consumption. I dont like the fluffy seats, but i like the way Citroen takes away all aggressive and stressing behaviour.


Mercedes Clase E

The most innovative Car in the field. Plenty of Driver assistance that shows, what state of the art looks alike. The brand new low CO2 Diesel is a milestone. Driving is as comfortable as i expect it to be in a Mercedes. Besides, the car looks good. Although expensive, this is Merecdes at its best and my car of the year.


Nissan Micra

Just another minicar in a new dressing. Drives ok, but without any surprise. Poor engine range. Probably a good car in its segment, but nothing special for me.


Peugeot 3008

A remarkable effort in the SUV segment. Peugeot shows a clear tendence upwards. The i-cockpit is fascinating and far ahead of the competition. Seats are not as comfortable as expected, and the suspension is too rough. Only 6 gear automatic shift, thats not enough for the first place, but for a good seocond one.


Toyota C-HR

An escape for the conservative japanese brand. One may like the design or not, i appreciate the effort. Apart from that, everything is well known from Toyota. An interesting SUV, but without innovative flash on the technical side.


Volvo S90/V90

A beautiful sedan/break with all the positive elements known from the stunning XC90. Last year, i gave ten points to the big Volvo-SUV. The S 90 does all alike, but its a follower. With the new RDE consumption rules i dout that the 4 cylinder strategy is the one and only way.