Jean-Michel Normand (France)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

It’s a paradox : this first Alfa Romeo dedicated to the global market is much more persuasive than its predecessors dedicated to Europe. The design, which bets on power rather than style, may lack of « italianity » but the body is remarkable and the handling brings a real sensation of lightness. The engines are up to standard. Never seen an Alfa as comfortable and with such a good presentation.


Citroën C3

Thanks to the C3, we have at last a glimpse of what Citroën wants to become. A brand of popular, and good-looking cars with a fondness for a light originality. The C3 goes its way and should seduce younger customers which is its main goal. The comfort tends to stifle the driving sensations and the interior lacks quality materials but the C3 can nurture new ambitions.


Mercedes Clase E

There are always high expectations about a car like the E-Class. Noteworthy nimble on the road and pleasant to drive, the new generation is up to the job. Moreover, the Mercedes is at the top regarding connectivity and autonomous drive. The interior presentation is perfect but lacks modernity. The E-Class is technically perfect but lacks sense of innovation regarding style.


Nissan Micra

The Micra is back, and that’s for the best. Designed for Europe, this car doesn’t forget anything ; good looks and handling, a pretty interior and even a diesel engine. The Micra is cheerful but lacks a little more personality and roominess. And, especially, to be more comfortable.


Peugeot 3008

Peugeot was not – it’s the least we can say – ahead of time in the race to the bestselling SUV. With 3008, the brand manages to catch up. And does even better. The usual Peugeot handling is there, despite the size of the car. And the comfort is at a very high level. The exterior design is refined, even slightly over-drawn, but the interior is the most modern of all the Coty competitors. What can be called a modern car.


Toyota C-HR

« No more boring Toyota » claims the C-HR. Regarding driving, there are still efforts left to be made. The hybrid system is efficient but you have to drive very quietly. Need some strong acceleration ? You get bored. On the other hand, the style is not boring and the C-HR is looking spectacular. Unfortunately, the price to pay is a style more complex than elegant.


Volvo S90/V90

Volvo has become a mere premium brand as the S90/V90 show. Everything is made with care, the engines are efficient and powerful enough. The scandinavian soul is present but… not enough. The design seems to have been too much inspired by the German competitors and the rear section of the hatch is not convincing. Quite heavy, these two cars should be more fun to drive.