Pere Prat (Spain)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Perfect car for those who feel passion for the steering wheel, the Giulia is born as a combination of uncommon elements. Targeting customers who enjoy driving sportively, it goes for commercial arguments which follow an alternative path than the one being currently followed by the automotive sector.


Citroën C3

The French company has given a meaning to its new design tendency through a utilitarian which awakens friendliness upon its path. The Citroën C3 offers an incomparable comfort in its commercial segment, also standing out for its polyvalence of use. Furthermore, to satisfy the concerns of a wide range of customers, is offers multiple personalization options.


Mercedes Clase E

It seems that the star brand has not completely decided yet whether it prefers the revolution leaded by some of their models or the conservationism of the sedans which are part of its wide spectrum. Even though its technological dotation is exceptional, the new E-Class stands in an on-wheels modality that is losing followers at an accelerated rhythm.


Nissan Micra

Magnificent candidate to win any prize, it astonishes both for its futuristic design and its fearless colours, which stand out its presence. In the matter of safety and conduction aid systems, the Micra offers an equipment worthy of cars of an upper category. The new Nissan utilitarian goes for personalization as well.


Peugeot 3008

The time for an SUV to win for the first time the Car of the Year award has arrived in Europe. The 3008 is the best 2017 candidate for multiple reasons. The innovative Peugeot model amazes for the endless list of elements which can be adapted to the customer’s desires. Its tiny steering wheel and the instrumentation keys set its personality.


Toyota C-HR

For its bold design, it is the most avant-garde vehicle amongst the seven finalists, and it is quite a surprise considering the conservative genes which have characterized Toyota so far. In order to be a top candidate for the victory, its gamma should be more generous, as the C-HR is available only in hybrid version in some countries.


Volvo S90/V90

Magnificent example to put in evidence the peculiarities of the Swedish automotive design. The new Volvo model gives as much importance to the sedan as it gives to the configuration of the family bodywork, which shines for its proportions equilibrium. In movement, its impeccable response makes the driver forget the enormous size of the car.