Jaco Bijlsma (Netherlands)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

A real car that ticks all the boxes: rational but also emotional and thats a rare quality. With exceptional eager steering, a very agile chassis and good engines this well-built Giulia marks a convincing comeback of this legendary sporty brand.


Citroën C3

This C3 proves itself as a true Citroën with classleading comfort that is not really compromising its handling. Good engines. Affordable with original design, most beautifull interior well-built with very original materials.


Mercedes Clase E

High quality luxury car with good drivelines and state-of-the-art technique which makes it one of the cars which offers autonomous driving at the highest possible level now.


Nissan Micra

Very good allround supermini but also in too many ways comparable with the Renault Clio.


Peugeot 3008

Good allround familycar in popular SUV/cross-over form: well built, drives well, good interior with I-cockpit which is kind of innovative but not groundbreakiing.


Toyota C-HR

Surprising car from a very sensible carmaker: under its spectacular skin you do find a serious good car, almost Lexus-level in terms of buildquality and refinement. Introduces proven hybrid driveline in this class but also a good performing 1.2 . Drives well and is despite its playful design functional enough.


Volvo S90/V90

With the V90 Volvo writes history again in a long tradition of making great estates. This V90 represents the absolute top in its segment in terms of safety, functionality but also in designpresence. The S90 has to prove itself in the more difficult big sedan market. Both cars are succesfully following the new path the XC90 created.