Félix Cerezo (Spain)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Congratulations to all Alfa fans. They already have the car they were waiting for. The Guilia is the sportiest sedan thanks to its excellent chassis, rear-wheel drive and the use of lighter materials. With it, all are satisfactions for the driver, especially the spectacular variant Quadrifoglio with 510 HP. Unfortunately, the diesel version is very noisy and the interior does not get the level achieved by its premium rivals.


Citroën C3

Good bye, MPV`s body! The new Citroen C3 resembles the previous C4 Cactus, but without its mistakes and with a more `democratic` design. Comfort, spacious interior and style are its strengthes. It is also needed to be mentioned the safety devices, such as the ConnectedCAM, a very usefully camera in case of accident. There are not new technical contributions regarding engines or platform.


Mercedes Clase E

Very aerodynamic, with a large range of engines, technology features, versions (AMG at top) and bodies, including a crossover. This is de Mercedes E Class, also the most autonomous vehicle in the industry. I think everyone would like to have one in their garage. But it’s difficult n due to the price, so expensive with the extras.


Nissan Micra

The previous Micra was a global car and... was a global mistake. The fifth generation has been entirely redefined to become a very strong competitor. With a new platform, roomy inside, fun design and excellent road behavior, the Micra 2017 offers a good experience. Safety or comfort technologies are high level, but we can’t say the same regarding engines.


Peugeot 3008

This Peugeot surprises with its body style and the revolutionary i-cockpit. How much I like the small steering wheel! Funny for driving, while comfortable and spacious for travelling, the new 3008 has a large engines range. A PHEV version 4x4 is coming from 2019 onwards. Furthermore, we are talking about a SUV, the kind of car everyone wishes.


Toyota C-HR

If the COTY were an award for the number of glances, this SUV would be the most acclaimed car in Europe this year. Sometimes, Toyota makes a bizarre designs. Now, the new platform TNA has allowed to make a one winner. I love good handing and high safety devices. But I’m fed up with the CVT gearbox of the Hybrid system, the only and expensive choice for Spain.


Volvo S90/V90

Last year, I already said that the XC90 only had one –but really important- handicap: a price that few people can afford. As the S90 is a saloon, it will be even less sold. But we can find the same advantages which were already appreciated in the SUV (safety, style, comfort and high equipment) as well as new safety devices. To drive or to be driven, whatever one prefers, always a very recommendable car.