Yves Maroselli (France)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Creating from scratch a brand new rear wheel drive sedan that is both more enjoyable to drive and more efficient than a BMW 3 Series is a pretty big achievement, but that is exactly what Alfa Romeo did! And as you would expect from an Alfa, the Giulia is also quite pleasing to look at. What else?


Citroën C3

The cheeky design of the Citroën C3 is refreshing and original. Its interior is also very cosy thanks to the wide and soft seats which work in perfect harmony with the soft and long travelled suspension to offer the best comfort of the B-segment today. The combination of the turbocharged 3 cylinder and the auto 6 speed gearbox makes it an excellent city car.


Mercedes Clase E

The new Mercedes Classe E is a very sophisticated grand tourer. Its multi-chamber airmatic suspension is a must, and its new 4 cylinder diesel engine one of the most efficient of its kind. But when driving the car, you can`t help wondering when you can rely on the driving assistances and when you can`t.


Nissan Micra

Nissan is back with a good B-segment car without any real drawback, but it also lacks the qualities that could make it stand out of its competitors. It lacks a ultra efficient engine, or hybride version, or a sporty one that would make it more interesting or enjoyable to drive.


Peugeot 3008

The SUV-like body shape of the 3008 is trendy. Its interior is innovative and the best version of the Peugeot i-cockpit so far. But you have to drive the 3008 to realize that its strongest features are its dynamics and its lightness that allows it to remain entertaining to drive and efficient even with a small 3 cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood.


Toyota C-HR

The C-HR has stunning looks, good dynamics and the hybrid powertrain from the Prius. Being a bit heavier than the latest, it is not as convincing to drive on country roads as the continuously variable ratio of hybrid transmission make the 4 cylinders screams too easily when you need a strong acceleration. It deserves a stronger powertrain, and why not PHEV version.


Volvo S90/V90

The S90 is a very credible alternative to its german rivals. Handsomely crafted, nicely designed in its very scandinavian way it is available with a very convincing plug-in hybrid powertrain but even with its optionnal rear air suspension, it is not as comfortable and dynamic that you could expect in a car of this category.