Ulla Ellmer (Germany)

My judgement is based on following grounds:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Does a car like this fit our time? Well - why not! Supposed to make Alfa „great again“ the Giulia is a beautiful lady that celebrates the emotional aspect of automotive life. Great steering and sharp handling plus surprising comfort, a pleasure to drive. Besides that there is also a reasonable diesel-facet of alluring Giulia’s personality.


Citroën C3

The C3 corresponds to Citroen’s core virtues of pleasant driving comfort and being-different, the latter with Cactus-like airbumps, various possibilities for customising and the uncommon built-in dashcam. The range of petrol engines only consists of 3-cylinders, that’s appropriately up-to-date. What remains is the wish for a more variable interior.


Mercedes Clase E

The E-Class sets a benchmark in virtually every aspect. Perfect finish, superb driving characteristics, complete safety equipment and well-advanced talents for semi-autonomous driving. A large variety of body shapes and powertrains, also of low consumption and including a plug-in-hybrid. Not an affordable car, but worth the price, also concerning the resale value.


Nissan Micra

From 4th to 5th generation the Micra underwent a metamorphosis to a masculine-sporty looking, grown-up and decidedly European small car. The new turbocharged 0.9-litre-3-cylinder-engine is a nice choice, build quality is good, the price reasonable. No complaints. But also nothing particularly special that would make the Micra a Car of the Year.


Peugeot 3008

The crossover segment starts to get crowded. The 3008 gains attention there with its stylish design and the well thought-out i-Cockpit. Not a MPV like the predecessor, but still roomy. There is no lack of driver aids and safety systems, and the 1.2-l-3-cylinder-engine is a decent, fuel-saving alternative to the diesels. However, 4WD is absent.


Toyota C-HR

Yes, the looks are quirky. But more interesting is what lies under the skin. Unusually, as a crossover the C-HR comes without diesel and recommends a hybrid drive as an economic alternative. However, just this version feels sluggish, the CVT transmission is not a highlight. Finally the design takes its toll on visibility, rear room and boot space.


Volvo S90/V90

The Scandinavian interpretation of a premium sedan/estate. Understatedly pure and elegant, with appealing driving characteristics and Volvo`s courage under the bonnet to do without five- or six-cylinder-engines and announcing a plug-in-hybrid instead. Safety is at the top level. Yet I’m not happy with the complex infotainment.