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Opel/Vauxhall Astra announced Car of the Year 2016

Car of the Year 2016, the Opel/Vauxhall Astra, was announced in Palexpo on the eve of Geneva Motor Show press day. The new Astra, awarded 312 points by the 58 Jury members, had a close run with Volvo XC90 (294 points). So much so, that in the progressive display of voting and points country by country and juror by juror, the big Volvo first reached the Astra, then surpassed it at mid-distance of vote, before the Opel changed the balance on its favor. 


Behind the two main protagonists, the Mazda MX5 received 202 points, but even more top marks than the Volvo. Audi A4, with 189 points, Jaguar XE (163), Skoda Superb (147) and BMW 7-series (143) completed the group of finalists.

From the hands of CotY Jury president, Hakan Matson, the president and CEO of Opel, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, collected the trophy, a new and heavy piece with an impressive design and presence. “Well, when I came here we were so proud to be in the finals, but then I came here and was so nervous,” said Dr. Neumann.”I knew we had a good chance, but no one could really give me any indication where we were.  And then you see we went from second place to first place to second place to first place, so I’m totally nervous but we made it and I’m very glad now. It means a lot for me personally but also for everyone at Opel and Vauxhall.”

Well, I think it is good because we want people to look at Opel and Vauxhall again; we are telling them that we are building great cars and now the top journalists of Europe, they are seeing this, and I think that makes an impact for the customers.”

“I think it’s the mix. We say it’s the best car we’ve ever built because it’s lighter, it’s very light, it’s very efficient, it drives very dynamic, but it’s still comfortable for everyday use, and it’s superbly connected. It has our new infotainment generation and it has features like massage seats and like the matrix light, which you don’t find in this class, so we have tried our best to build an outstanding car, and the Jury has seen that.”


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