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Mortefontaine test 2016

The seven finalists for Car of the Year 2016 award, selected in a first vote among 35 candidates, were protagonists in the test event of Mortefontaine, north of Paris (France). 


Marcus Vogeel

A joint fleet of forty-odd units was at hand in the CERAM proving grounds to test several versions of each model nominated for the final election. The members of the Jury had the chance to confirm their impressions just a few days before casting their votes, with the announcement of the winner scheduled in Geneva Palexpo for the afternoon of February 29th, the eve of Geneva International Motor Show press day.

Tests and filming were conducted in CERAM ‘routier’ track, as well as in open roads. And an array of executives and specialists from the seven manufacturers was available too. For the second time, the Jury also held here its annual General Assembly, with the presence of 52 members. Representatives of CotY Organizing Committee announced the introduction of a new design for Car of the Year 2016 trophy.

Photo: Marcus Vogel

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