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Every year in mid-February, two weeks before the Geneva Motor Show, the Jury gathers for the last and deciding official testdrives at the CERAM proving ground in Mortefontaine northeast of Paris. The GROUPE UTAC CERAM, so its full name, runs proving grounds and test facilities in France. The GROUPE UTAC CERAM is not attached to a particular OEM or supplier. Their independence is a very important reason for the cooperation with the Car of the Year Organization.

Since 2012, the announcement of the Car of the Year takes place at the Geneva Motor Show, on Monday afternoon before the first press day. Geneva is a perfect partner for Car of the Year. The annual show takes place in spring when the car business comes to full live. Also, the Geneva Motor Show is not dominated by a national car industry and therefore it matches perfectly with the independence Car of the Year stands for. The Car of the Year Organization and the Geneva Motor Show have signed a long-term agreement for this cooperation.

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